The Many Names of Islam in China

The religion of Islam has been called by different names in different eras in China. Here is interesting information from the book Islam in China. During the Tang Dynasty Islam was called “Dashi Jiao” (religion of Dashi, the Arabs were called Dashi), in the time of the Ming Dynasty it was called “Tianfang Jiao” (religion of Arabia) or “Hui Hui Jiao” (religion of Hui Hui), in the time Qing Dynasty it was called “Qingzhen Jiao” (pure and true religion) and during the Republican period it was called “Hui Jian” (the religion of the Huis). It was after the establishment of the current government that the word Islam started to be used by the Chinese themselves.

6 responses to “The Many Names of Islam in China

  1. thnx it’s nice to know about the names of islam in china, Qingzhen Jiao means pure and true religion i like it but i have no idea how to say it, anyway i think it’s a great idea to know about islam in china ,’ll i saw a programe in aljazeera documentary called islam in china it was nice but i still wanna know more so keep it up and Eid Mubarak .

  2. I hope you spent a nice Eid.

    I also appreciate the name “Qingzhen Jiao” because I think it is the real meaning of Islam not the religion of arab (though I am arab)


  3. peace remain, welcome to the blog. insha’Allah I will continue this effort. Words of encouragement of readers like you are greatly appreciated.

    Muslimah, yes that is correct. ‘Qingzhen Jiao’ is also my favorite amongst the old Chinese names. As far as Arabs and Islam, Arabs are now a minority amongst Muslims as Islam is a truly global religion. 🙂

  4. Hui jiao is also correct and had deep meanings as arwah ustaz hajji ishak ma told us many years ago when we study and visited him many times. It is close din al-hanif, din al-fitra ..the teaching of pure tawhid, returning to the source, primal oneness, lord of power and generosity.

    Hui came from arabic word: Raja rajiun turjau and wa ilaikal masir are the oft quoted words in quranic that indicate human being returning to their Lord and Master of all universe /creation.

    Ghufranaka wa ilaikal masir.
    Irji ila Rabbiki radhiyyatan mardhiyya !
    Oh Lord , forvige us and unto You we are journeying-return.
    O My slave return to Me with a pleasing-peaceful self and loved accepted by Him.

  5. Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmat-ullahi wa baraketu! Islam is not a religion confined to just a couple of races as it seems but is a religion for mankind and is a gift, isn’t it 2 mankind. i think it is now a growing world religion but it may seem that its mostly arabs and asians but it is truly not so. Thats where dawah comes in (calling pp to islam unforcefully)
    10/12/07 eids cumming up! id laugh if it snows on eid & not on xmas!joking, i hope it snows on both days. insha allah. 🙂

  6. As salamu alikum,
    I am trying to obtain the chinese characters for Islam, Muslim and Qingzhen Jiao. I also read an artical on muslim martial arts and would also like the characters for hui zui.

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