Mir Hajji

Here is a fascinating imperial edict (source, China Heritage Newsletter) from the Ming Dynasty addressed to a Chinese Muslim Mir Hajji. What is interesting is that the Emperor not only praises Mir Hajji but also acknowledges that he is a follower of prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Imperial edict to Mir Hajji, during the Yongle reign of the Ming dynasty, 100cm by 72cm. This imperial edict was issued forty years after the end of the Mongol Yuan dynasty. The use of the three main languages of the Yuan court, Mongolian, Persian and Chinese, underlines the continuity between the Yuan and Ming imperial systems. The “Hajji” of the addressee’s title indicates that he performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, while “Mir” means someone who has earned merit on the battlefield (in Timurid usage this term indicates a member of the military aristocracy). The Chinese text reads: “The emperor of the Great Ming instructs Mir Hajji that he who is sincere and honest will revere God [tian] and serve the emperor [shang]. He will also have command over good people, and give loyal service to the imperial court. Hence, God will bless him, and he shall enjoy eternal bliss. You, Mir Hajji, have always followed the teachings of Muhammad. You are pious and honest, and lead people to do good. You also revere God and serve the emperor loyally. Such good deeds deserve to be honoured and praised. Therefore, I am issuing this imperial edict to protect your property, and so that no official, soldier or civilian shall despise, insult or transgress it. Whoever disobeys my order shall be held to account. This edict was issued on the 11th of the fifth month of the fifth year of Yongle.” [1407] Facsimile copy in the Chinese Nationalities Cultural Palace. [Plate and adapted translation from Quanzhou Yisilanjiao Shike]

5 responses to “Mir Hajji

  1. leila, From Bosnia, great. Welcome to the blog. This is the great thing about the internet it can connect far away from to one another.

    zios, welcome to the blog, Mir Hajji and Zheng He are different people. Zheng He is the most famous Chinese Muslim. I will post some information about him soon, insha’Allah

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